Assisted Living Facility Locators Help Families in

North Carolina

Assisted living facility locators help you find affordable long term care residential options in North Carolina.


To provide access to affordable senior housing facilities.


To become a national leader at connecting disabled seniors 65 and older to  affordable senior housing options that provide long term care services.  

The ideal clients we serve

  • disabled seniors 65 and older needing long term care services.
  • discharges from hospital who cannot return home.
  • senior living at home who need 24/7 supportive care. 
  • ability to afford minimum monthly rate $3,400 for senior housing and long term care services.

A Six Step Process

Getting access to affordable post acute care facilities is as stress free as calling 919.439.7346 or using our facility locator .  Our six step process helps you relieve stress, emotional guilt, and the anxiety you may be experiencing when searching for a post acute care community on your own.  Let our consultants find the right community that matches your needs, preferences, and budget while you focus on what’s important; making memories. 

Our consultants help you through the entire process, we only recommend communities that are highly rate, have DHHS oversight, and have a transparent philosophy that adheres to quality of life practices.

  • STEP 1: Phone Consultation

    Phone consultation to determine goals, preferences, and needs.

  • STEP 2: Follow Up Your Request

    To assess level of care need and to identify desired post acute care location.

  • STEP 3: PAC Facility Tour

    We schedule tours of recommended PAC facilities that are both licensed and have DHHS oversight. 

  • Step 4. Come to Decision

    Summary; pros and cons to illustrate benefits and cost insuring informed and confident decision.

  • Step 5. The Right Move

    We provided strategies that will help you make the move go smoothly. 

  • STEP 6: Move in Follow Up

    30 day follow-up service to ensure a successful transition to selected PAC site.    


How to Reach Us

In short if you would like an expert to help you locate an affordable assisted living community in your area. Call us today at (919)439.7346 for a free assessment.