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Case Management Consulting In North Carolina

We provide case management consulting services to hospitals and primary care practices.  Consultants help case management locate long term care and housing options their patients. Our experts also help reduce hospital readmission rates. In short our case management consulting services is an asset to discharge planners.

Generally, locating senior housing options and affordable care can be difficult. On the whole discharges to residential care facilities can be costly.  Our care communities are both affordable and have DHHS oversight. Furthermore our consultants are the eyes and ears in the community for those needing affordable services. 

Integration Strategy Produces Positive Results

Case Management Consulting in North Carolina
Discharge Case Management and Placement

In general disabled seniors need a variety of care services. Community based resources is a great alternative to costly hospital stays. Such resources can help reduce readmission and drive down inpatient costs. 

Long term care management integration is a relatively new strategy.  Our consultants work with case management to help patients find affordable care options. Our expert have access to a large network providers that help patient with housing and care needs. 


A Resource for Discharge Planners

Our case management consulting experts provides value by collaborating with social work services or case management to identify and screen community based resources that are licensed and equip to service patient care needs to include, functional areas, medical needs, personal care, and hygiene needs.

How to Reach a Consultant

In short we offer case management consulting to help discharge planners and social workers in North Carolina find housing options for the elderly. Our consultants also help reduce hospital readmission rates. Call us today at (919)473-9075 for immediate placement.